Regretful goodbyes

I am sorry to say that I’m putting the Dark Matter Knits podcast on indefinite hiatus. I’m going through some personal upheaval that means I need to focus much more intensively on my Stitch Definition business—and unfortunately that means a lot less designing knitwear and no more podcasting.

I want to thank you all so much for your kindness and support. You will continue to see occasional patterns from me on Ravelry. And you’ll certainly see me out and about all over the knitting world. I’m hopeful about the future.

With love and best wishes,

DMK Podcast Episode 33: Swockapalooza



This episode focuses on knitting socks—or, more accurately, swocks (socks that are knit mainly to be swatches, not to be worn; it’s a wonderful term I’m borrowing from Stacie of the Must Stash Podcast). I’ll tell you all about the lovely yarn I’ve been “swocking” with, as well as a new heel recipe. I answer some questions, including how I started knitting and then knitting continental as well as how I’m planning to get my mojo back.

The technique today (thanks to MindfulWilliam on Ravelry) refines the Kitchener stitch join for sock toes so you don’t get those pesky donkey ears on either end of your toe.

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Men’s knitting roundup #10

It’s been several months since we peeked into the latest men’s knitwear designs. Let’s go exploring…. Today we’re all about color.

Looking for new men’s designs can sometimes be an exercise in despair—frankly, most of what I see is either awfully frumpy or is really designed for women and has been questionably tagged for men. (Mind you, I have pretty wide-ranging beliefs about what looks great on men, but even my liberal limits are frequently tested by overzealous tagging.)

And then, like a bolt out of the blue, you come across something like this…


PINCH ME but that is luscious. This is Wester Ross by Welsh designer Jane Howorth and knit, of course, out of Noro Kureyon. Pictured here on a teenager, the sizing ranges from 34.5–53.5 inch chest. I absolutely love the way the cabling and knit-and-purl texture plays with the striping effect of the yarn, the way the saddle shoulder cleverly travels across the top back (see below), the extra-long ribbing and thumb holes at the cuffs, and the impeccable shaping (no slouchiness!).

Jane has designed some other gorgeous men’s sweaters that you should also take a gander at; I will definitely be keeping an eye on her from now on.



Bristol Ivy’s Quoin cowl is worked in three colors of worsted-weight wool—potentially yarn you already have in your stash. I love how she has combined asymmetrical striping and deep chevrons into a simple-to-knit but bold design. It’s like a Color Affection Shawl for your neck … with a lot less knitting.

Looking for a more ambitious knit to occupy the long summer days? I love this Mayan Ouroboros scarf pattern from Tania Richter. The instructions can be purchased individually or as part of an eight-pattern e-book called Fantasy Art Knits—all double-knit scarves with fantasy creatures fabulously charted out (in both senses of the word fabulous!). Five patterns have been released so far, including a Nine-Tailed Kitsune that is screaming my name.

Summer podcasting schedule

As I’ve mentioned on the podcast, I’m going to be doing a lot of traveling this summer, which means I’ll need to space the episodes out a bit. Here is my best guess now as to when episodes will be posted:

  • June 26
  • July 10
  • July 27
  • August 14

… and then I’ll be back on a regular schedule after that. Happy summer, northern hemisphere friends! (And happy winter to all y’all down south.)

DMK Podcast Episode 32: Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and Knitters


Have been trying for two days to get this to upload to iTunes, and it hasn’t yet worked. Will keep trying. The episode has been uploaded to YouTube, though (click link above).

This week I talk about my trip to The National Needlearts Association meeting in Columbus. TNNA is a fascinating window into what’s going on in the fiber industry, and I’ll tell you all about what I saw there. The technique segment looks at how to use a double-sided crochet hook to pick up dropped stitches.

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DMK Podcast Episode 31: Knit on through All Crises


Elizabeth Zimmermann famously encouraged us to “knit on through all crises.” I’m trying, folks, with mixed success. Today, we talk about when even knitting fails to be therapeutic. Spoiler alert: everything turns out OK.

Today’s technique tip: how to create a pocket on your sweater without having to sew it on!

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Next podcast episode coming next week

Hello friends! I had a podcast episode scheduled to appear this past Friday, but sending my husband off on a two-week international business trip has proven to be more time- and energy-consuming than I’d anticipated. Will have an episode up next Friday.

Just a heads up that this summer’s podcast schedule may be more erratic, as I have some summer travel plans and will have less uninterrupted work time than usual while my son is out of school.

Happy knitting!