Like knitting, only faster and with more apparatus

Kind of gives whole new meaning to “sticks and string,” doesn’t it? As part of my plan to become more of a well-rounded fiber artist, I took a twill weaving class last Monday at Hill Country Weavers, the largest of Austin’s local yarn stores.

The class was great. It was taught by the lovely, patient owner of the store, Susanne. She spent four hours with me and two other women, both of whom were more experienced than I was. Still, before the class was over, I managed to get all the warp strung up – a formidable task, I discovered – and did a few rows of the weft.

I’m using Blue Heron Soft Twist Rayon for the warp (that’s the rainbow-colored variegated you see run vertically) and Alchemy Bamboo for the weft (that’s the chartreuse-colored solid running horizontally).

I’m really pleased with how it looks so far. And it’s relatively fast, though not as fast as I thought it would be. (Might just be my novice-ness.) But I don’t think that weaving is going to intrude very far into my first love of knitting, because of the portability factor. I can pick up my knitting with very little fanfare or prep time. And I can take it with me. Weaving on a loom requires some commitment. I’m happy to give it that for now….

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