Those who can’t teach, do

I have been teaching and writing full-time for about a decade, so you would think what I’m about to say wouldn’t have come as such a great shock to me.

I am finding that designing is hard. Really hard. I have been knitting long enough to feel very comfortable with it. I’ve tried just about every technique, and I feel like I have a pretty intuitive sense by now of what works and what doesn’t.

But it’s amazing how much “knowing how to do something yourself” does not equal “knowing how to tell others to do it.”

I was working up the collar on this western shirt I’m designing, and I kept finding myself fudging things here and there to keep it from rolling. This would be perfectly fine if the garment was for me, but I’ve got to write down an explanation of how to do this. These instructions need to be understandable to people who have not been knitting for 15 years. As it happens, I am not Elizabeth Zimmerman, so I don’t yet have a loyal following of people who will tolerate instructions that ask you at some point to figure it out yourself.

So I’m on Try #3 with the collar. The finish line is near. Once the collar is done, all I have left a little bit of embroidery. W00t!

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