Today’s ego score: +1

After years of knitting garments for my appreciative young son, we appear to have hit the wall. Liam continues to like the idea of me knitting things for him, but doesn’t actually want to wear them. It all seems to boil down to the fact that the two boys he most idolizes at school do not wear sweaters. “They wear JACKETS, Mom,” he told me this morning.

So that’ll take the wind out of your sails. Ego score before leaving the house: -1.

But then, when I dropped off The Kid off at school, one of his teachers looked at the hand-knit scarf I was wearing and exclaimed, “Wow, you are just an artist.” Is that just the coolest thing to hear or what?

Ego score after leaving Liam’s school: 0.

From there, I headed over to Gauge to show one of the owners my Rodeo Kid design. Not only did she exclaim over it in what I can only describe as actual sincerity, but she asked me to teach a multi-part class in which I teach other people to make it! Yahoo!

Net ego score: 1. Time to quit while I’m ahead….

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