Bring in the funk

Yesterday I crocheted a grocery bag as a Christmas gift for my son’s teacher. It’s simple (just some double crochet at a big gauge), but I like how it turned out.

The only problem? This bag stinks. I do not mean that it stinks visually or in terms of its construction. No, it REEKS. It is S-T-A-N-K-Y.

What does it smell like? Oh, I’m so glad you asked. The answer is VOMIT.

I noticed the stench when I started knitting with the yarn. I decided to muscle through it, taking shallow breaths, telling myself the smell would come out in the wash.

It didn’t.

I have washed this sucker three times in the strongest smelling detergent I have, and it still smells like the very last thing on earth that you would want to put your newly purchased produce into.

So. What to do with a crocheted bag that smells like vomit? Diaper pail liner? Donation to the Let’s Give Sarah Palin an Affordable Makeover Fund?

One thought on “Bring in the funk

  1. Have you tried soaking it in a solution of white vinegar, borax or oxyclean and then washing it in regular detergent? I’ve had decent luck with the first 2, having experience with baby spit-up. Good luck. I hope you get the smell out and can give the present like you planned.

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