It’s good to be multicraftual

Behold, friends – one week’s worth of crochet:

My son has the audacity to have not just one teacher but seven assistant teachers. The idea of making handmade gifts under these circumstances is pretty deranged.

But I am deranged, so off we go. Two years ago, I knit everyone flower pins. Last year, I flaked. I was stumped about this year. All the small gifts that I could find either seemed lame or impossible to accomplish for eight separate people.

Enter the super-fast craft called crochet. Crochet, I love you. I would not marry you – I’m already married to knitting – but you are a fabulous fling on the side. You give me seven hats in as many days. Knitting cannot do that for me. Crochet, remind me to buy you something sparkly.

So these hats are for the assistant teachers. Liam’s main teacher wears head scarves every day, so is not a good candidate for a hat. So she’s getting the non-stanky bag that you see described in the posts below.

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