Great moments in humility

My apologies for the long silence. You know how it is.

Here’s how I earned my genius points yesterday:

1. A local yarn store asked for five printed copies of my Rodeo Kid pattern. Woo hoo! I couldn’t get my own printer to work yesterday, so I loaded the file onto a zip drive and skipped off to the local copy shop.

“Ten color copies, please!,” I say, thinking I’ll keep a few for later.

[Whirring of copier.] “That’ll be $26.50.”

Gulp. That meant that I had just spent as much to print the pattern as I was going to make selling it wholesale to the LYS.


2. Then I drove to another LYS to buy some yarn so that I could swatch a design. (It’s for Classic Elite, who put out a call recently for designs for their spring 2010 collection.)

I poured over Classic Elite’s various scrumptious yarns, and settled on Cotton Bamboo. I’m designing a men’s sweater, so choosing colors was a little trickier than usual. In the end, I felt very pleased about the combination I put together: just within but stretching the usual man palette.

I took this photo on the tile in my bathroom, and then turned around and saw this – the shower curtain that’s been hanging there for at least five years.


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