What do I want to be when I grow up?

I bought this yarn about six months ago at Stitches South, and now it’s singing a little siren song to me from the closet. Frankly, it deserves the attention. I mean, those four skeins are all in the same color way. That’s one slick yarn, people.

But what to make with it? Many people have made these gorgeous sweaters wherein you do a fair-isle like pattern using two different skeins at two different places in the color repeat. And there’s this amazing shawl, too. But none of them are quite right for me. I am of the pear-shaped variety that does not look fabulous in boxy sweaters, nor in horizontally striped sweaters.

While I am usually not super-picky about matching knitting projects to just the right yarn — Martha Stewart I am not — a yarn like this seems to require a little extra planning. The closest thing that I have found to right so far has been this pinwheel sweater, which keeps the stripes from running across you like you’re the Michelin Woman. And this lovely Mermaid pattern by Hanne Falkenberg turns the construction side-to-side (vertical stripes!) and has waist shaping.

Then again, one of the other rules of Good Sweater Shaping for Curvy Women is: sling that neck low, baby. (No boatnecks, no turtlenecks.) There are some gorgeous Venezia sweaters modified to have deep scoop necks. It’s a good possibility….

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