Going for the gold

In case you have been living under a rock — or in case you have other things to think about — at 7:45 tonight (central time), the Winter Olympics begin. For knitters and crocheters, this is not just a chance to watch other people perform great bodily feats — no, this is also our annual chance to perform great feats of yarn.

Are you ready to geek out? I said, ARE YOU READY? OK!

Ravelry, a website for we yarn crafters, hosts the Ravelympics every year. The goal is to complete a project that is challenging for you — a project that you begin at the start of the opening ceremonies and complete at the end of the closing ceremonies.

What’s that you ask? Are there actual “sporting” events that you can enter? Why yes! There’s Downhill Dyeing, Lace Luge, Sweaterboard Cross, Sock Hockey, and so much more. I personally am competing in the Designer Biathlon, which means that I am attempting to write up a knitting design and complete the sample during the Olympics. I have my speed-enhanced Lycra racing suit all ready to go.

The yarn you see here was comped to me (!!) by KnitPicks because I’m designing a boys’ pullover for them. I’m very excited about this project.

Now, off to stretch my hamstrings….

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