Mission impossible

Heretofore, whenever I have needed to block my knitting, I have done so on our guest bed. Just tacked the wet piece of wool right down to the mattress.

But not long ago, the guest bedroom became the toy and craft room. A worthy cause, to be sure. But now I am left with nowhere to block.

I remember hearing a brilliant solution to this problem somewhere — perhaps on the KnitPicks podcast. The suggestion was to use those interlocking foam pieces, like the ones used for little kids to play on. That way, you can configure them into any shape you need, whether it be sweater, long scarf, or triangular shawl. Great.

I had a little extra time this morning before I had to get to work, so I blithely trundle over to Michael’s, hoping they’ll have something like it. Seemed like a bit of a long shot, but it was closest. No dice. They suggest Home Depot. The Home Depot people look at me like I don’t know my ass from a lug nut and suggest Walmart (which was right next door).

Ughhhhhhh… Walmart depresses the crap out of me. Every time. It’s something about the flourescent lighting and the sad people and the non-unionized labor force, I guess. I wandered, scowling, through aisle after aisle of baby gear, toys, automotive, home and garden — OH MY GOD WILL SOMEONE PLEASE GIVE ME SOME OXYGEN AND POINT ME TO THE EXIT.

Yeah, they didn’t have them either. After wasting an hour and a half, I schlumped over to my office and ordered the damn things from KnitPicks. With free shipping, no less.

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