Fiber College, here I come!

Remember how I was drooling over the possibility of teaching at Fiber College in Maine this coming September?

Well, guess what? I submitted two class proposals and both were accepted! I was so pleasantly surprised, especially after I saw that many of the other teachers have recognizable names and a lot more experience than I do.

OK, I have a lot of experience with teaching, but usually I’m talking about things like Chinese astronomy in the Ming period or T. E. Lawrence’s masochistic sexual fantasies or the freak-out that European men had in the 17th-century when Leeuwenhoek told them they had “worms” in their semen. You know… stuff like that.

So this will be a big change of pace. Here’s what my two classes will be about. Each class will last three hours:

  1. “Knitting Our History”: We are going to make a hat project that replicates some of the history of knitting techniques. We’ll start at the base of the hat with naal-binding, a precursor to knitting that’s done with just a tapestry needle. It will be like a knitted walk through the past.
  2. “Beyond Buttons: Learn New Ways to Close a Cardigan”: Many cardigan patterns call for a simple button band with button holes, but I often prefer something that looks more tailored. This class will talk about how to properly sew in a zipper, snaps, hook-and-eyes, and how to make frog closures. Here are some examples from projects that I have knit (some from others’ designs):

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