My happy place

Here’s what we decided to do on Sunday, mere hours before hosting an Easter egg hunt at our house:

This is my new work space. It used to be “The Office.” Now it is “The Craft Room.”

It’s funny, you know, you live in a house for a while and you start to think of it as a fixed space. Things go where they’ve always been. Who would think to change it?

About six months ago, it dawned on me and Jack that no one, and I mean no one, was ever sleeping in our guest bedroom. We sometimes have overnight guests, but they all happen to be of the “I’ll sleep in a hotel thanks, because you only have one potty” variety.

Light bulb goes off: why do we have a guest bedroom? We decided to turn the space into a joint play room (for our kid) and craft room (for me). The Kid and I laid several ground rules:

  • He didn’t have to pick up his toys all the time. All hail the play room.
  • I didn’t have to have toys on my side of the room. All hail the craft room.

The Kid suggested putting a duct tape line down the middle of the room to demarcate our spaces. I decided I was a little too far past 10 years old for that to be necessary.

All was fine and gay until. The Kid was actually great about respecting my space. It was his friends that were the problem. I mean, I don’t know about you, but I just really don’t need Playmobil knights “fixing” my sewing machine.

And really, the issues were more on my side: that back room is not well lit and no matter how well the Kid kept his toys on his side, I just didn’t like looking at the mess when I was in my Making Zone. Ruined my qi.

Flash forward to this past weekend. Jack and I are again having a Blank Mind Moment, when one of us realized (can’t recall who) that we also weren’t using the office any more. We both work at home a lot, but we just don’t tend to work in that room.

Second light bulb goes off: Office could become Craft Room. Back room gets turned over exclusively to Play Land. Problems solved.

As you can see, this room has great light. Not only that, but it has a place to sit, built-in book shelves and a closet for my yarn and fabric.

I especially like this shelf area that you see above. I decided to make it more of a display case containing things that inspire me. My hand-spun yarn from the Campbell Folk School is there on the bottom left, and a kit of natural dyes that my mom gave me years ago is on the top right. I like being able to see some of my tools and raw materials out and about, buzzing with ideas about what they might become.

Here’s another one of my favorite parts of this room:

It’s that tall table in the background. You can see my yarn swift and ball winder attached to it, and my fabric cutting mat on top. Why do I love this table? Because I am 5′ 10″, and I’ve spent my whole adult life crouching down to wash my hands, work at kitchen counters, and — more recently — cut fabric. I finally found this table at Ikea — it’s meant to be a bar table, actually, but at 41″ in height, it also makes a great standing work surface for me when I’m cutting fabric or winding yarn.

Now I just need to figure out where that spinning wheel is going to go…

2 thoughts on “My happy place

  1. I’ll have to check out the table… at almost 6 feet I know exactly what you mean by crouching down. Great craft room! And I’m sure the Kid likes the new configuration as well.

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