Beware the huntress

You see this cat?

This is Patty. She is one of our two eight-year-old cats. She is pretty and also very chubby, lazy, and surly. She spends most of her time covering our furniture with cat hair and barf. The rest of the time she spends begging for food and licking the butter off of Liam’s toast in the morning.

Until today. Today, Patty redeemed herself.

We were all sitting here, minding our own business, when a giant moth emerged out of nowhere. I mean it was at least four feet across, or maybe two inches across — but either way, it was not a pleasant sight to see dive-bombing at your head.

Now, even Patty will get up for something like that. She chased it all over the room, and finally nailed it against the wall.

Guess where the moth fell after being pinned? INTO MY KNITTING BASKET. Right to the bottom. I immediately imagined it trying to eat its way out of the bag of wooly goodness, destroying hundreds of hours of work.

As soon as she saw the bug fall, Patty leapt into the knitting basket and started to dig wildly down through the layers of yarn and tools. Normally, this would arouse my ire, but in this case, I let her have at it. I dug things out of her way, until finally she spotted the moth, grabbed it in her mouth and ate it.

Good. Girl.

I have spent the rest of the evening trying to keep her from jumping back into the knitting basket. Just goes to show that there are no free lunches with cats.

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