Happy birthday to meeeeee

Here’s what I just ordered for myself as a birthday present, thanks to a very generous gift from my parents:

This is a Kromski Minstrel spinning wheel, and I loves it already. If the United States Postal Service knows what’s good for them, they will deliver this with the greatest possible speed. After all, I clearly need another fiber-related hobby. Stat.

Amazing to think that not much more than a century ago, working with such a device was, well, work. Actually, in many parts of the world, it still is. If I had to spin every bit of fiber that we needed to clothe and cover ourselves, I’d probably not be as excited about the prospect.

I also received some cool books from my boys. I’m especially excited about this one:

This book walks you through how to design your own clothes from scratch — no pattern. The author, Cal Patch (who used to design clothing for Urban Outfitters) does a great job of explaining the process clearly without over-complicating. I also give her huge props and a chocolate cupcake for not talking to me like I’m a hipster. There’s not an ounce of cutesiness in this book — no attempts to act like WE ARE ALL SO URBAN COOL THAT WE ARE BLEEDING OUT OUR NOSES.

It’s a good thing summer is coming. I have so much to do!

2 thoughts on “Happy birthday to meeeeee

  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes, Debbie! Yes, I totally agree — especially when you’ve got a specialized hobby like ours, sometimes we’ve really just got to pick out the items ourselves. Though DH did do very well with the sewing book.

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