Half empty, half full

Half empty: A couple of days ago, some gnome stuffed my brain and throat full of pollen, making it so’s I can barely talk, let alone think straight. This morning, I broke my toe doing nothing more than walking — not even quickly — across the room. Now, I’m not even a very good driver. I think that’s actually a felony in Texas.

Half full: This meant I was home sick for two days. Hello, yarn.

Half full: I got a lot of knitting done on the swatch for a design I’m working up. The yarn — from Sanguine Gryphon — is bee-yoo-tee-full.

Half empty: The reason that I got a lot of knitting done is because I’ve knit the swatch at least three times. And it’s sizable (about 8″ square). And I’ll probably have to rip it at least one more time.

Half full: I also got to be home for the arrival of my shipment from Halcyon Yarn. I eagerly waited for my new spinning wheel to arrive. Sometime around 2:30, the knock on the door came.

Half empty: It was just the combed top that I ordered so I’d have something to do with the wheel besides pet it fondly.

Half full: Damn, that combed top is pretty, though. It’s from a Blue-Faced Leicester fleece in a natural oatmeal color.

Half empty: I don’t know how to spin top — just roving. Blast.

Half full: Oh well, I can learn! As soon as that wheel arrives…

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