In which our heroine waxes some leather and gets spinning

On Friday afternoon, I was at home, juuuust typing the last notes on the last paper I needed to grade, when:

PLONK. [Followed by distinctive sound of UPS truck pulling away.]

And there it was on the carport. A vision of unassembled promise: my first spinning wheel. [Cue choir.]

Out of the box it comes. Hmm….

Apparently this is the IKEA version. Some assembly required.

Considering this wheel originates in Poland — it’s a Kromski Minstrel — the instructions were surprisingly clear. It still took about an hour to assemble the whole thing. This involved — kid you not — rubbing hot candle wax on strips of leather and other bits of Stone-Age engineering nonsense.

Et voila:

Here it is assembled, and already in action. I ordered some combed top with the wheel so that I could take the wheel for its first run. The fleece is an undyed Blue-Faced Leicester, and it’s very pretty — lots of streaks of white and dark brown shooting through it here and there.

(Blue-Faced Leicester. Doesn’t that sound like a Batman villain? But I digress.)

The Boy has taken an immediate liking to this new piece of machinery. Perhaps you recall the Incident with the Weaving Loom? If it involves making things with your hands and a machine with lots of levers and moving parts, then Liam is right there in your lap. Or perhaps he will just noodge you out of your chair…

See the flyer whirling around in the upper right? He’s really going for it.

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