Spinning my wheels

I have been enjoying the new spinning wheel so much. It’s lovely to be able to leave it out in my craft room, where it’s ready for action anytime I have a few spare moments.

Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin. Spin.

A little before bed. OK, some more. Lots over the weekend. Anytime Liam decides it’s actually time to play by himself. While I’m listening to the radio. The wheel has seen lots of time over the three days that I have had it.

I was thrilled this morning when I finally filled up a bobbin with some of the Blue-Faced Leicester. That giant fluff ball I started with barely looks like it’s been dented. But I figured that’s just because I’m watching it diminish gradually and therefore not really seeing how much I’m spinning.

I skeined up what I had done so far, and presto:

A lovely skein of very thin singles that are pretty soft and evenly spun, if I do say so myself.

All right, the moment of victory. Time to weigh this puppy. OK… started out with 1 lb…. and this skein — oh, it’s got to be at least a quarter of the stuff — maybe more like a third.

Umm. OK. I’m not even a fifth of the way there. I never harbored the illusion that spinning would be fast, but I’m surprised by just how time-consuming it actually is. If there was a fork in my road between (1) production spinning to replace much of my commercial yarn needs and (2) spinning as a mostly separate hobby that incidentally and occasionally turns up something nice to knit with, then in that weighing moment, many of the lamps went out on path #1.

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