Terrifying thought

In the past few weeks, I have submitted four different designs to various magazines and yarn companies.

And then the terrifying thought hit me: what if, through some strange fluke, they ALL get accepted? I’m going to have to do some mad science experiment to grow two more sets of arms. They will call me Dr. Octopus.

Any suggestions? I suppose hiring a few test knitters would ease some of the pain…. Let’s just hope I’m not that awesome and one or two of those designs are turned down.

5 thoughts on “Terrifying thought

  1. This sounds familiar. Bring in more business, get new customers, deliver stuff… wait, not enough people to support it, aaaaah! It happens all the time. Don’t worry about it now. Everything may work out just right.

  2. Ahem….. Test knitter standing by with needles at the ready. Lots of experience… Good references… I’m just saying…

  3. I’ve done lots of test knitting before. But I live in Canada. Still, if you need someone, feel free to send me an email!

    • Only, I see that the comment didn’t actually give you a link to my web page. I’m at nathknits.wordpress.com. You can find my email address there.

  4. You all are lovely. Thanks for the encouraging words and offers of help. I had a 2 a.m. moment of panic, but you’re right — it’ll all work out.

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