Does this jealousy make my butt look big?

Over the last few days, I have been poring over the blog posts by those lucky designers and fiber business owners who went to TNNA, the annual convention of the National NeedleArts Association. It is the candy store. The place where all the new yarns, needles, notions, patterns, books — e-ve-ry-thing — is put out for first viewing and ordering.

Have you ever heard the term schadenfreude? It’s an excellent German word meaning the feeling you get when you watch someone else feel pain and you actually kind of like it — mainly because you don’t have to feel that pain. Come on, you know what I’m talking about. And you know you have that feeling a lot more than you would like to admit.

Well, I have the opposite of schadenfreude. I have schadenWANT. I have serious TNNA envy.

So, you may be asking yourself, why don’t you just go next year, Elizabeth? And I will answer, yes, very good suggestion, dear reader, but here’s the rub. In order to attend TNNA, you have to show that you’re a fiber business owner. Or you have to have an exhibit booth where you’re selling products. I’m at least another year away from that, but it’s a goal.

Speaking of which, I’m hoping today’s mail will bring me a box of KnitPicks yarn, which I’ll be using to knit up two more designs for their independent designer program. Can’t say much yet, except that one will be another boy’s pullover and the other will be a luxurious men’s, shawl-collared sweater. Knit! Knit like the wind!

This just in: I just looked more closely at the TNNA requirements, and you can be an “affiliate member” if you’re a designer or teacher. Woop! That may be my in next time.

2 thoughts on “Does this jealousy make my butt look big?

  1. Does it help to know you’re not alone with your jealousy? I hope your box of knitpicks yarn has arrived to brighten your day, and you’re now happily knitting away. I’ve seen a couple of gorgeous patterns in their independent designer category, and I’ll buy some of them when the money comes in.

  2. Thank you, dearie. It DID arrive that day. Yarn heals all wounds. (Does wound yarn heal even more wounds? BWA HA HA HA.)

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