Magazine success!

For the past five days, I have been visiting my parents in Alabama — swimming, watching frogs eat moths on the windows, walking the fine edge of state fireworks regulations, and eating comfort food.

I have also been knitting like mad trying to get the sample for Accepted Design #1 completed. My ever-supportive mother is helping me out by knitting one of the sleeves. Yay, mom!

And then I got some more great news: the British knitting magazine Yarn Forward accepted a women’s sweater pattern that I submitted! My design should appear in the December issue.

It’s slightly maddening not to be able to show you any of these designs in progress, but I can leave you with this tidbit:

I have learned only recently how inadequate my 3-D visualization skills are. It is so hard for me to take a sweater idea that I’m picturing in my head and then translate it into component, 2-D knitted pieces. My mom raised some legitimate doubts tonight about the size of my sweater’s armhole, and I felt like taking a scimitar to my wrists. No!!!!!!!! Don’t make me calculate those dad-blasted sleeve caps again! I just might lose my miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind!

I just need to keep chanting to myself:


…and hope that there I can coast somewhere along that curve soon.

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