Traitor in our midst

Damn cat,

Let’s play a rebus game! (First picture + second picture = third picture.)

Let’s review, in riddle form:

Q: How does a cat reward her person for spending scores of hours sketching, plotting, knitting, and writing the design for a men’s sweater design?

A: She waits until her person has the navy blue sweater all pinned out to block, and then promptly lies down on it. Actually, she first checks to make sure all of her whitest fur is feeling particularly loose that day, then she tucks herself ever so daintily in between all the pins, and THEN she lies down.

Oh, and don’t give me that “she’s a cat — she’s just looking for a soft surface to lie down on.” She knows. She KNOWS.

2 thoughts on “Traitor in our midst

  1. OMG – My cat seaks out my FO’s that are being blocked too!!! I think it is the smell of the wet wool?? That’s the only thing I can come up with. Why would a cat (who hates water) lay on something wet?? It’s gotta be the smell…

    Too funny – well, not really. I totally know how you feel though.

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