Two good things

1. As one of their final projects for my first-year college seminar on knitting, my students “yarn bombed” our campus. (Yarn bombing is when you knit or crochet up some stuff to adorn public spaces.) They did some wonderfully creative and happy-making work.

Among my favorite pieces: this bike that several students contributed to. Our campus has yellow bikes that anyone on campus can use, so the four bikes that are yarned up get a lot of exposure. Don’t you think the knitting adds a whole new layer of community to a community bike? You can view photos of our yarn bombing night here.

2. I am so close to finishing one of my three “due in October” sweater designs that I can taste it. Taste the victory, that is, not the yarn. I actually have tasted yarn and it’s not very tasty. The nearly finished garment is a women’s sweater for Yarn Forward magazine.  The second of three (a child’s hoodie for a book of kids’ designs) is also very nearly done — well more than half-way there.

The third (a men’s sweater for a local yarn store, knit in Jared Flood’s beautiful new Shelter yarn line) has not gotten past a healthy swatch, but I’m feeling cocky now. Cocky despite the fact that there has been an inordinate amount of ripping back going on over here. Most recent mistake? I got nearly all the way up the yoke of my second sweater when I realized that I’d forgotten to bind off the 10 stitches at the armpit of each sleeve. BLAAAAAAST! That meant ripping back the entire yoke. It would mess with my confidence if I weren’t too tired to feel anything but a bit numb.

3 thoughts on “Two good things

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