Oh, hai…

… I have been knitting so hard I think my face is going to fall off. I’m pretty sure I have fused all the knuckles in my hands together into one fused-up fusey bone. My eyeballs actually hurt.

It’s almost over. I’m nearly finished with Sweater 3 of the Original Sweater Designs Triathlon. I’m in that last running portion where you fall down many, many times, and at some point along the way you actually crap your pants. But you keep running anyway. (If you’re thinking I’m especially bizarre right now, go watch this. And then you’ll still think I’m bizarre but you’ll know that I’m not alone.)

I wish I could show the sweaters to you in their entirety (the images here are detail shots from two of them) because — and I say this with all humility — they kick ass and I am a genius.

OK, I’m not really a genius because it just might be true that anyone wearing this last sweater will need to have flesh removed from their underarms in order for the garment to fit properly. That might be true. I won’t know until I can snag a man with a 38″ chest and cram this thing over his head. Won’t he be pleased.

2 thoughts on “Oh, hai…

  1. This is me, scraping you up off the floor, cheering you on (you crazy lady), and quickly wrapping you in my AAA map of the Southwestern states so’s no one can see you crapped yourself. Hey, it happens, no worries.

  2. Keep running! I can’t wait to see. And that whole pants-crapping thing has me really perplexed by marathoners.

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