Your mileage may vary

One-Row Scarf in Malabrigo Worsted

It’s a bright, sunny, cool day here in central Texas — the kind of day that makes you almost forget the 45 straight days of over 100-degree temperatures that you get during the summer. Later today we’re having a birthday party for my husband, but right now I’m at home alone, blissfully knitting for an hour or two while the boys are out taking kung fu lessons and hunting for food in the wilds of Costco.

Sometimes I still can’t believe what a relentlessly gendered world I live in.

While the house is quiet, I’m also taking a moment to take stock of the just-ended and upcoming years. I just figured out that I knit 8 miles of yarn in 2010, which is pretty high for me. What makes me even happier is that I only bought 6 miles of yarn in the same year.

However, before we get too excited about my spectacular stash-down skills, I should point out that I was also given a lot of yarn in 2010, either as gifts or as yarn support for designs I was working on. If I count only what remains of that yarn in my stash — I’m not even counting the comped yarn that got sent off as knitted-up design samples — that’s an additional 3.3 miles.

In short, last year I brought in more yarn than I sent out, which is frustrating to me. Oddly, though, it all still fits in the same three tupperware bins that I’ve been using for years. I chalk it up to all that lace-weight that people keep giving me (lots of yardage / doesn’t take up much space).

This leads me, inevitably, to some knitting guidelines — more modest than resolutions — for 2011.

  1. I will reduce the amount of yarn that I buy to work on design proposals. In counting up my 2010 yarn purchases, I noticed that a lot of it I bought to knit up swatches for design proposals, many of which were either never accepted or never even worked up. No more of that, please. For future design swatches, I’ll try harder to use something from my stash.
  2. I will buy yarn right before I’m about to use it and immediately cast on. I work in a yarn store once a week now, so I don’t have the “well, I don’t know when I’ll be back here, so I’d better go ahead and get it now” excuse.
  3. I will get back to spinning. In the latter half of 2010, I got so swamped by knitting sweater designs that I completely stopped spinning. I miss it and want to get back to it. I’ve got some lovely wool waiting for me, just begging to be made into yarn.

2 thoughts on “Your mileage may vary

  1. If you resolve to cast on as soon as you bring in yarn in 2011 AND to get back into spinning, will you have to cast on as you spin the new stuff? I KNOW you could do it (because you are my Sister and you are brilliant) I just wanna see it!

  2. I should be spinning too. It’s a great sedative. And surely I need sedating. Hey, look at that woman with the curly hair … is she … is she in a coma?

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