New camera!

Look what Santa brought me…

Well, Santa brought it to me in the sense that he had several members of my family conspire to give me enough money to go out and buy it myself. Santa would not have procrastinated on the actual buying part for more than a month after Christmas like I did. Santa is much more “together.” Then again, he has “help.”

The camera (a Panasonic Lumix LX5) I read about in the New York Times — it’s one of a new generation of cameras that are more souped up than regular point-and-shoots, but not as high-grade as SLR cameras. Basically, you can control more variables with this camera than you can with a regular point-and-shoot, and it takes much better photos in low light.

I was going to buy the camera online, but I noticed that there’s not much range between the highest and lowest prices online, which made me think buying local was a better idea. Sure enough, it’s true. I went to Precision Camera & Video here in Austin and got a great deal. For the same price I would have paid for just the camera at most places online, I got the camera, a case, a memory card, Photoshop Elements, and a free two-hour lesson on how to work my camera. I even had a sales clerk who didn’t treat me like a stupid girl.

Here’s a snapshot I took of my kiddo at the playground. I love how crisp everything is. I want to bite my photos like so many apples.

By the way, see all those kids who have climbed up into the inside of the roof on that slide structure? They had found a spot where some kid had written the F-word several times in marker on the wood. This created much intrigue among the elementary school crowd.

If you live anywhere outside of Texas, you might be using similar language to curse my name right now, because instead of digging ourselves out of 10′ of snow, we are wearing flip flops on the playground. Don’t worry, you’ll get your chance to mock me about six months from now when we have our 45th straight day of 100+ temperatures.

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