What boys like: follow-up edition

In my previous post, I talked about rethinking my knitting designs for boys. My epiphany was this: rather than trick boys into wearing the kind of stuff that we (mostly women) like to knit for ourselves, what about starting with what boys want, and figuring out which of those things can be knitted and how.

This idea has really stuck with me, and I’ve been working out how to put it into action. Inspiration #1 has hit. I don’t want to say quite what the project will be yet, but I will show you the materials. Wanna guess what it’s going to be?

No, I’m not telling. Not yet. But it’s good. Suffice it to say that when I asked for help finding this stuff at Home Depot, and then was asked what I needed it for — criminy, dude, why do I need to be quizzed about what I need it for? am I a flippin’ child? — I got a satisfyingly puzzled look. This seems promising.

5 thoughts on “What boys like: follow-up edition

  1. I’m SO curious! I have absolutely no idea what you are up to and am so disappointed that there are no comments yet with other guesses!

    God speed, lady 🙂

  2. I meant to respond to your last post about the sweater. It’s dang cute. To me, I think the issue is that people are more likely to knit things that are small and don’t seem like much work. I designed what I think, and was told, is a really cute dress/jumper for little girls. I have hardly sold any of them. They just seem like too much work, although they aren’t really. That sweater looks like a lot more work than a hat, or scarf. Patterns I sell the most of are for small items.

    Now, I am really curious about the above articles. Keep us posted.

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