Summer: the best and the worst of times to play with yarn

When you think summertime knitting… oh wait, perhaps you do not think of summertime knitting at all. Perhaps you think that those two words really should sit about two seasons apart from each other. After all, who wants a pile of wool — or even cotton — in their lap when it’s hot enough out to roast a chicken?

We die-hard knitters have long known that small projects like socks and hats can sustain us through the long, hot summer of our discontent. Recently, for example, I finished up two pairs of these sweet little baby legwarmers for a friend who just had twins.

See that? Sweet. And when you’re knitting these, they never even come close to touching your lap.

Heat aside, though, summer to me is the time to knit because I am a college professor, and while summer does not mean non-stop vacation fun time, it does mean a more relaxed work schedule.

Speaking of which, I have an update on my work situation for the coming year. Some of you already know this, but I will be going to part-time status at Southwestern next year, and may be doing that indefinitely for a while. I thought I might have to leave completely, but this is ideal: I get to continue teaching some (I’ll teach a full load each fall, but won’t teach in the spring), but also get eight months out of each year to work on knitting design.

Here’s what I’ve got in the works right now as far as my own designs:

  • a kids’ robot sweater that actually lights up (sweeeeeeet!)
  • a women’s tweed jacket with some funk to it
  • a women’s lace shrug knit up in Madeline Tosh’s gorgeous DK-weight merino
  • a booklet of kids’ kung fu-related patterns
  • instructions for my popular Langstroth sweater, this time in men’s sizes

What do you have planned for summer knitting?

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