Rivet the Robot

Remember back in March when I told you about working up a robot sweater design concept with a group of knitters on an online “Knitting for Boys” forum?

Well, the pattern is finally ready! It’s Rivet the Robot sweater, and is designed for kids sized 2T-10.

Now, you may be thinking to yourself, “Elizabeth, that’s a hoodie with Dalek arms,” and you’d be right. That’s it’s subtle, incognito look by day.

But look what happens at night:

… super Tron action! The white areas of the sweater are covertly knit in glow-in-the-dark yarn, and those are light-up LED shoelaces tucked into the front “control panel” pocket.  (The LED lights can easily be removed when the sweater needs washing.)

So, you can knit the hoodie for Halloween, and still get a lot of wear out of it during the rest of the year. Go go gadget hoodie!

3 thoughts on “Rivet the Robot

  1. Thanks, Alyssa! There are actually several different brands of glow-in-the-dark yarn. The kind I used was Fantasy Fibers Nightlights and I ordered it from woolstock.com. There’s also Bernat Glow in the Dark Yarn and Jelly Yarn. It’s fun stuff, though it’s 100% nylon, so nooooot exactly soft.

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