DMK Podcast Episode 15: Keeping It Interesting



Sometimes your knitting can just get a little … boring. Maybe you’re not a fan of long stretches of stockinette; maybe you’re knitting for someone who only likes to wear neutrals (no texture, please)—I can’t really fix this problem for you completely, but in today’s episode we’ll talk about some ways that you can make dull knitting more fun for yourself.

For the technique segment at the end, I show how to determine the ply structure of a yarn and discuss why you want to pay attention to it.

Mentioned in this episode:

2 thoughts on “DMK Podcast Episode 15: Keeping It Interesting

  1. Hi Elizabeth,

    Ok, here is your random comment for the day:

    I was thinking about IU today and started googling IU. I went to the HPS page and was looking at my old HPS buddies: Chris, Charles, Ruth, and of course you. So I googled you and saw a knitting pod cast. It was good too see you. You look very happy. You have the same sense of humor I remember. Just thought I’d say a quick “hi” to you and Adam.



    • Hi, Larry—Good to hear from you! I left academia a few years ago to begin a freelance career as a knitting designer, editor, and teacher. It’s been great. Looks like you’ve found something fulfilling to do as well. All the best to you.

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