Regretful goodbyes

I am sorry to say that I’m putting the Dark Matter Knits podcast on indefinite hiatus. I’m going through some personal upheaval that means I need to focus much more intensively on my Stitch Definition business—and unfortunately that means a lot less designing knitwear and no more podcasting.

I want to thank you all so much for your kindness and support. You will continue to see occasional patterns from me on Ravelry. And you’ll certainly see me out and about all over the knitting world. I’m hopeful about the future.

With love and best wishes,

16 thoughts on “Regretful goodbyes

  1. I wish you well! Very sorry for any upheaval, always hard in ANY life! Thanks for all your help on my sweater project this past winter. I will watch for your patterns on Ravelry–always.

  2. I am so sorry to hear you are unable to continue the podcast. Your podcast has been one of my favorites! I am also sorry that life has thrown you some curves. I can totally understand and wish you the best for the future.

  3. Your voice, wit, and instruction will be greatly missed. However, we understand that priorities need to made. I wish you the best of luck and I will continue to support your other fiber activities. I am the one who won the “Giving Away the Farm” book. I adore it! My first fiber livestock, a mix of angora goats and their kids, and a herd of pregnant alpacas, arrive this weekend. Along with them, comes their livestock guardian dog, too. I hope to have continued contact with you as we both travel the fiber journey. ~ Cheryl

  4. This makes me sad. Selfish, I know but I have always looked forward to your witty words. I wish you the best of luck and understand the need to set priorities. You’ll be missed.


  5. Sad news for your listeners, but you need to take care of yourself and your family first. Look for forward to seeing you “out and bout”!

  6. I’m usually just a lurker but I wanted to wish you the very best Eliizabeth as you go through this change. My partner and I enjoy your lovely podcast and it is the only one I actually save to my iPod because there is so much useful information. Hope that this time brings you good things – both for your business and life in general. Thanks for all the contributions you make to our knitting world 🙂

  7. Wishing you all good things and hope one day you will have time to podcast or blog. I have enjoyed your missives to no end. I always learn something, laugh and am inspired. Best of luck for the future!

  8. I will miss your voice, loved the podcast. I wish you the best and hopefully will see your patterns soon. God bless!

  9. I’ll miss your episodes! You’ve got an amazing sense of humor. You shared so much of your knitting knowledge and you’ll be very welcomed back whenever you can and want to – until then know that we’re all cheering you on!

  10. Since taking classes from you at HCW, I’ve told everyone that you’re absolutely THE best instructor there is. You brought the best of your professorial skills to the task, added a huge dose of wit, and managed to maintain patience while your students were losing theirs.

    Please know that whatever is challenging you at the moment is like a badly tangled skein of yarn. “Slow and steady” will see you through it, and something beautiful will be waiting at the end.

  11. Sometimes you just need to throw everything you’ve got in one direction. Good luck and hopefully in some small way, those of us who have loved your podcast and your presence, can help.

  12. I am so sorry for the upheaval. I am going to miss your podcast – I think you have a unique voice and the topics and way you present them were always interesting.

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