DMK Podcast Episode 12: Re-entry



I’ve been out of the country for quite a while, so this episode focuses on the theme of re-entry: what happens when you pull yourself completely out of context (one answer: I found it quite inspiring!) and then come back home to regular life (one answer: start re-thinking regular life a bit!). Some details about my trip to France and Italy and we catch up on some projects that have finally gotten finished.

This episode’s technique tip: how to pick up the right number of stitches along a vertical or diagonal edge.

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Podcast dispatch from France #1

I’ll be posting video dispatches from my five-week European trip onto my Dark Matter Knits YouTube channel ( In fact, I’ll probably be migrating entirely over to YouTube after I return. (It’s free and I don’t have to condense the videos and lose video quality.)

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Podcast Episode 9: Adventure Time!



Summer is a great time for adventures, and wow, will I be having one this summer! In June and most of July I’ll be in Angers, France (pictured above) and Arezzo, Italy (in the Tuscany region). I’ll tell you about what I’m planning knitting- and podcast-wise while I’m there. Plus, a technique video about how to do the provisional cast on using a crochet hook.

(This is also the episode where you get to see how red-faced I look after a run in 80-degree weather!)

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Boys’ knitting roundup #4

Time for another roundup of recently published boys’ knitting patterns! This time around, we’re looking for some color to cheer those of you stuck in week bazillion of gray, cold weather. (As I type this, it’s 75 degrees here in Texas. Before you shoot daggers out of your eyes, remember that you can have your own moment of Schadenfreude when we here in TX have had our 40th straight week of 100+ degree temperatures.)

ImageFirst up, a design to keep your eye out for: the Benjamin pullover by Gabrielle Danskknit. The pattern is currently being tested, but will be released next month. Wouldn’t this be a fun use for some leftover bits of colorful worsted yarn? Maybe even some leftover bits of handspun?

ImageThe pattern will come in an impressive range of sizes, from newborn up to 12 years—and the simple, charming quality of the design can easily support that kind of size range. The garment is worked top-down, so there’s very little seaming—just the kind of quick knit you might be looking for as spring hovers around the corner.


ImageI know that technically this is a knitting roundup, but I couldn’t resist including the great-looking, crocheted Zigzag Spiral hat by A la Sascha. This design also comes in a wide range of sizes, from newborn to adult large, but I can see this appealing particularly to boys aged about 9–18.

This is the kind of hat that just might get your son to pick up the crochet hook himself. I know my three 20-something nephews would all want to make this.


ImageSome boys are not particularly keen to wear knitted items, but would love to play with something that you knit for them. Polar Pete by Cilla Webb is an absolutely charming (and ridiculously inexpensive) pattern for a knitted bear that has a complete wardrobe of hoodie, overalls, and boots. He even has his own fishing pole and fish to catch! The shaping of the face, body, and clothing have some really nice attention to detail.

This would be an ideal gift for a younger boy (say, around 4–7 years old), but I’m pretty sure my nine-year-old would also covet this hard.