Rodeo Kid

It’s done! I have finished the prototype for my first-ever original knitting design! I still have some work to do to get the pattern ready for sale, including getting a tech editor to look it over and getting a kid friend to model the sweater for better photos. But I couldn’t resist showing you some provisional photos of the project.

The photo at left shows my favorite detail on the jacket: the ribbon-lined button band. In order to get the look of those western-shirt pearlized snaps, you just have to use pearlized snaps, but over time, snapping and unsnapping those little buggers was bound to stretch the button bands out of shape. So I lined the bands with some ribbon that I bought on Etsy. Isn’t it perfect?

One down-side: it was a bit of a struggle to get the snaps clamped through the thick layers of moss stitch + ribbon, but it worked out beautifully in the end.

At right is the full garment. The fronts and backs are knit all in one piece up to the armholes, then separately from there. The bottom is hemmed so that the jacket will hang straight. The shoulders are finished with short-row shaping and a three-needle bind off.

The set-in sleeves are picked up at the armhole and knit down to the cuff, which is also finished off with little pearl snaps. If you have been reading previous blog spots, you know what a bear that was for me to figure out, but I’m glad I kept beavering away at it. Well, mainly I’m glad I found Priscilla Gibson-Roberts’ genius solution to the problem.

I’m about to hit up Ravelry for a technical editor. I’m not quite sure what to offer as payment, but I’m thinking $50 or the equivalent in yarn stash will get it a good once-over?

I also need to find a suitable two-year-old model so that I can put better photos on the pattern. I love the mossy chartreuse color that I chose for the prototype, but it doesn’t suit every kid’s complexion. I know several really cute but pasty little kids who would look positively ghastly in this color. But I think our friend Cole might be just the ticket. His mama’s Italian and he’s got gorgeous, long, curly black hair and big, brown eyes. We’re going for dreamy, hip, Austin cowboy here, not Kenny Chesney.

Speaking of which, get your @sses out and vote, people. Yeehaw!