Basket of honor

You see this?

I want to wear this around my neck all day long. Why? Well, who wouldn’t want to wear yarn around their neck like a feed bag? You could just bend your head down and nuzzle it whenever you wanted.

But that’s not the real reason. No, this yarn is special because a former student gave it to me as a thank you for the teaching and mentoring I’ve given to her over the past four years. This student, Caitlin, crochets herself, but more importantly she knows how much the yarn crafts mean to me. And so here is this basket filled with bright, soft lace-weights; lovely undyed organic cottons; and two sets of wooden needles, including a set of those 9″ circular needles that I have been wanting to try.

It’s incredibly touching, isn’t it? Even more amazing to me is that this is the second time a student has thanked me with the glorious gift of yarn. In fact, with the yarn from that first student (Amanda), I crocheted an afghan for this latest student (Caitlin). Isn’t it just like fiber to create that soft web between us?