Hi there, I’m Elizabeth Green Musselman, and—like you, no doubt—I am a glutton for punishment.

I design knitwear for two of the most skeptical audiences on earth: men and school-aged boys. (I also love designing for women, but remember: glutton for punishment. Women enjoy knitwear too much. Best to avoid praise.)

In addition to designing knitwear, I also spend a good deal of my time doing graphic design and editing for others in the fiber industry.

I record a video podcast every other week. Every episode focuses on a different theme and includes a technique tutorial. Sometimes I wear hats.

If you’d like to find me on Ravelry, I’m darkmatterknits there.

You may also contact me via e-mail at darkmatterknits@gmail.com.

If you like my logo and want a killer one of your own, get in touch with designer Shannon Lumetta.

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi, This is my 1st time reading ur blog,thank you for inspiring me with your insights and your journey! Im in my last quarter of grad school, laid off for past year former adjunct faculty instructor(5 years),full time care giver, crochet and knit lover. Reading your posts uplifted me today-

  2. Elizabeth, I did a binge watch of all of your episodes this weekend. Loved every minute. Things I appreciate most are your professional presentation (yet friendly), you don’t apologize, appears that you aren’t in your PJs and don’t have a kitty/dog co-host. The presentations are clear and well produced. The cautionary tale of jumping off the bridge into a fiber devoted life was helpful. The Ravelry site is well done. Keep up the good work, I appreciate the efforts.

    • Thank you so much, Mary, for your thoughtful and supportive feedback. It’s comments like these that really keep me going, making me very glad I continue to record every couple of weeks.

  3. Just watched your podcast and really enjoyed it! Yes, you could be on the today show – although you would not need a cohost! You can carry a show all alone. Brava!

  4. Hello! I am reading a copy of Wellman’s biography of La Mettrie at the University of Manchester, and came across somethimg of yours – an Amtrak ticket stub for Newark -> Springfiield on 31 July 1998… I shall re-insert into the book! – Matthew Cobb

    • Oh, what a funny thing! I have absolutely no memory of taking that train trip, but I certainly remember reading that book. (I read it as part of my dissertation research – and in fact, I did some of my dissertation research in Manchester at your university’s archives and in the city archives.) Thanks so much for telling me you found the stub – it made my day.

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