Podcast dispatch from France #1

I’ll be posting video dispatches from my five-week European trip onto my Dark Matter Knits YouTube channel (http://youtu.be/crzDv2Ffhmo). In fact, I’ll probably be migrating entirely over to YouTube after I return. (It’s free and I don’t have to condense the videos and lose video quality.)

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Podcast Episode 10: Fiber and Fabric


WATCH NOW: http://www.podcastgarden.com/episode/fiber-and-fabric_18013

This has actually been up for a few days, but I only just had time to type up the show notes!

Have you ever substituted in a different yarn than was called for in the pattern—only to find that your finished object looked NOTHING like the original, and in fact was a complete flop? Today, we focus on the different qualities of some of the major fibers that yarns are made out of. We’ll also talk about how yarns are constructed. Using this information, you can make more informed choices when substituting yarns … which means happier knitting!

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Podcast Episode 9: Adventure Time!



Summer is a great time for adventures, and wow, will I be having one this summer! In June and most of July I’ll be in Angers, France (pictured above) and Arezzo, Italy (in the Tuscany region). I’ll tell you about what I’m planning knitting- and podcast-wise while I’m there. Plus, a technique video about how to do the provisional cast on using a crochet hook.

(This is also the episode where you get to see how red-faced I look after a run in 80-degree weather!)

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Podcast Episode 8: Bind Off Loosely



We’re often exhorted to “bind off loosely,” but sometimes that can be hard. Today, I talk about how knitting helped stay calm and loose through some alarming medical news; how I almost completely blew it while having a shawl that I designed test-knit; and how to work Jeny’s Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off without it ruffling at the edges.

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